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    All this seems to be more of a design cpnceot rather than a portrayal of meaningful technological progress. We shall have paper-thin computer interfaces everywhere, paper-thin monitors in paper-like environments. This is all more akin to advertising, fashion and propaganda than to real advancement in science or technology. And I can not see any usefulness in even more of the same:the glorification of the loss of privacy themed. We should go to Mars, come up with new physics, not invent gadgets.


    While we can't make any promises on when this will all be allaaibve, we can assure you that we have some great products in the works! You will definitely be seeing some cool things come out soon What ideas are you most excited about?

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    This is more a product that is trusted and branded that is well known in the conventional mouth-piece to the ears, thus not needing of any further advertisement.

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    The importance of the “Made in Wherever” label is nothing new to the world of luxury goods and high-end clothing. We’re literally talking about a concept with a history dating back to antiquity. But lately there has been a lot of talk about what exactly constitutes a Swiss watch that brings up a lot of interesting points about provenance more generally.


    Thanks for this. I really like what you've posted here and wish you the best of luck with this blog and thanks for sharing.

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