Depression and Low Birth Rate

I write this blog with inadequate data.  I can find no data on the level of depression in the U.S. over time.  The birth rate has been steadily declining since 1994.

A proxy for depression in the U.S. might be suicide, which has increased by 30% since 2000.

GlobalwarmingI know that the highest reproduction rate in all developed nations is found in Israel, the Jews in Israel.  Every other developed nation is showing a decline in reproduction.  Israel is significant to me because the Israeli army has women members meaning marriageable mates are introduced to each other. Israel also has a uniquely optimistic society.  A homeland dream becomes real after two thousand years.

My personal family data is what leads to this blog. My most recent cohort of 20-year-old children and grandchildren has more depressed members than any previous cohort. A small sample.

I believe the reason for both depression and not having children is the current prevailing young person’s worldview.  Human-caused global warming and the imminent Armageddon that follows is a good reason not to have children. Add to that the belief that America is a racist nation with a terrible income inequity problem and I can’t see any reason to have children; to create more Americans. ‘Wokiness’ is the source of depression and the anti-birth consequences.

Does all that make sense?  A generation with a gloomy world view and a history to be ashamed of means fewer and fewer children.

Please note that I consider the global warming worldview to be nonsense. The planet today has an average temperature of 57.4F, the same as the first reliable data in 1950. A country where 7 of the top public corporation CEOs are dark-skinned immigrants from India can’t be considered racist by a rational person.

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