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Unfortunately, neither democracy nor commerce can be well defined.

I use the terms with their common meanings. Democracy refers to a government where power is not centralized and changes on a regular, less than ten years, basis.

Commerce is the default term for all trade, business and exchange.

Unfortunately I'm unable to find your definition of the word "commerce," and I don't really understand your definition of "democracy." I also don't see any examples to back up any of your claims for why you feel this or that way about vikings, et al.

I suppose you're right dictatorships aren't unstable, just look at South Africa.

When wealthy people no longer wish to purchase things with their wealth they purchase people. Wealthy people may become greedy and when someone tries to steal their wealth by saying what they do is bad for the environment or people's health wealth is exchanged. When wealthy people get power over a countries religion, culture, imagination etc (picture coke or Star Wars)the country is no longer being run for it's citizens but for the wealthy.

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